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For Over 100 Years.

Our Services

Free pick up and delivery.

Nobody needs another errand. With FREE pickup and delivery from Maurer's Cleaners, it's one less thing for you to worry about.
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Shirt Laundry

The better your shirt looks, the better you look. Experience the difference professional shirt laundry makes.

Leather & Suede

Leather and Suede garments are an investment. Protect your investment with professional cleaning care.

Comforters, Bedspreads, Blankets & Sleeping bags

You spend a third of your life in bed. Shouldn't it be the best experience possible?

Furs & Wedding Gown Preservation

We can protect and preserve your most precious keepsakes. (More Info)

Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Maurer makes it easier to recover from fire or flood damage. We have the experience and know-how that makes a difference. (More Info)

Drapes, Window Treatments, & Blinds

We'll take them down, clean, press, and re-hang professionally. You'll love the results.

Hunting Apparel

Your favorite hunting gear is some of the most punished garments you own. In addition, the harvesting of your game provides special challenges in stains and odors. Leave it to us. We are hunting apparel specialists.

Pillows, Rugs & Cushions

These items are very specialized in the way that they must be cleaned. Our processes have evolved for over 100 years to provide the best possible results.


We clean, restore, and preserve a wide variety of uniforms in a literal rainbow of fabrics and colors. It's our honor to honor you with our service.


Our expert seamstresses help you get the perfect fit the first time. Plus we'll fix your rips and tears, attach or replace buttons and zippers and so much more.

Same day service

Need service fast? Our same day service does exactly that. You'll get your garments back fast.

Express Bags

Use our express bag at your home. Fill it with your garments and drop it off. It's got your name on it. No waiting in line. That's why we call it an express bag.